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Open. All year round.

Welcome to the Vipava Valley, where all year round you can expect authenticity, gleaming sunshine, and hospitality that knows no rival. The valley is bathed in green nearly the whole year, and it is a true paradise for active recreation. The picturesque village will enchant you, and the world-class wine and delicious rustic fare will make you start to wonder whether or not you would just rather stay here.

Stay a while!

The Vipava Valley is open and welcoming. All year round.

  • Wonderful times. All year round.


    Cherry trees blossom first. The lush valley entices with charming flavours of springtime delights. Paths are sunny and afternoons already warm. Temperatures seldom fall below zero, though neighbouring peaks still wear their snowy caps. Windy days are the clearest you’ll ever see, a paradise for adventurers and all those who enjoy basking in the sun ...

  • Wonderful times. All year round.


    Golden hues of ripening spill across the greenery. The air is heavy with the scent of apricots, peaches and ripe grasses. If valley days appear too hot, the Nanos, Gora and Trnovo Plateaus offer plenty refreshment, alongside the crystal rivers and springs. Tastings in superb wine cellars make for joyous evenings in good company. Whether hiking, biking, exploring or simply enjoying nature, the perfect summer day lies at your feet ...

  • Wonderful times. All year round.


    The season of plenty starts in the vineyards and ends in the cellar. Between grape harvest and St. Martin’s day, the land bristles with magic as gifts of the vine turn into wine. When the khaki, the season’s last fruit, finally turns bright yellow, the trees have already shed their garments yet cold weather is still at bay. A marvellous setting for trips and countryside roaming, resting at a laden table of one of the many hospitable farms ...

  • Wonderful times. All year round.


    The first snowdrops show up soon after Christmas, when other places are still covered in white. Winter in the Vipava Valley is gentle, likely to turn out splendidly sunny. True, the Burja wind plays its naughty tune here and there, but the tantrums are in sheltered sites followed by spring-like warmth. Hiking trails and cycling trails are then perfectly serene. Naturally, all the roads lead past the stone cellar where it is now, for a brief little while, warmer than outside ...