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Experience the Uniqueness of Vipava Valley Wines

This marvellous corner of the world seems to have been created especially for vines. Ages ago, tectonic shifts shaped our valley nestled between diverse hillsides, blessed with just the right soil composition and a curious balance between the climates that fashions a unique atmosphere. When vines were first planted here at least two thousand years ago, they took root right away and have flourished ever since. Today, the Vipava Valley is a charming wine country that entices travellers with its many natural sights and the outstanding quality of its wines.

  • Vipava Valley Wines. Uniquely different.

    Tradition and skill hand in hand

    Historical records from the Middle Ages already speak of the quality and popularity of Vipava Valley’s wine, praised in Vienna and all across the Habsburg Empire. In 1844 the local priest Matija Vertovec wrote Slovenia’s first expert book on viticulture, and in 1873 the first winegrowing school was established in Slap near Vipava, followed by a winemaking cooperative in Vipava in 1894 as the very first in the then Carniola. Today, Vipava houses the internationally recognized School of Viticulture and Oenology. Our wealth of tradition in hand with the contributions of the bold young generation of winemakers create uniquely special wine stories, with the Vipava Valley’s wines gaining ever more praise and recognition in top international wine circles.

  • Vipava Valley Wines. Uniquely different.

    An abundance of varieties

    Richness of varieties is one of the valley’s most precious possessions. Here, many classics thrive such as Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Ribolla, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malvasia – with the welcome addition of old indigenous varieties nurtured to life by the local winemakers’ care and diligence. Lately, the most visible among these has been Zelen, though Pinela is another favourite with the winegrowers. In limited amounts, the Vipava Valley also offers the exclusive varieties Klarnica, Poljšakica, Pergolin, Glera and Vitovska Grganja. Diversity of wines beyond comparison!

  • Vipava Valley Wines. Uniquely different.

    Majestic landscape

    Vines simply adore these parts. Their reaching roots dig deep into the fertile soil, which has accumulated on flysch rock throughout millions of years. The Vipava Valley boasts ideal sea level altitudes and a perfect natural relief for winegrowing, with its many hillocks and diverse slopes. Influences of the warm Mediterranean climate arriving from the west and those of our quintessential Burja, a periodic strong wind blowing from the northeast, combine in surroundings that are kind to the people, the fauna and the flora alike. Accordingly, grape harvest is abundant, to the great enjoyment of winemakers and all those who love a good glass of wine.

Small Vineyards, Old Cellars

Across the Vipava Hills, along the outskirts of the valley is where you'll find orderly terraces with their thriving vineyards, sometimes at considerable altitudes. The vines are planted in neatly arranged rows, creating together with the terraces our characteristic local landscape pattern. Vineyards are mostly small, with the typical valley winegrower spreading his plantings across several sites to spice up variety. These are family farms where tradition has long been passing from one generation to another. The rich winegrowing and winemaking lore is expanded with the best modern methods of production, resulting in truly exceptional wines gaining ever-increasing popularity with wine lovers worldwide.

The best kept jewels of the valley are its old stone cellars, for centuries the essential core of every proper local farmstead. The vaulted cellars are normally underground, where wine can be suitably stored all year long. The local villages boast cellars that are several hundred years old, still lit only by candlelight just as in days of yore. Tradition is also respected when renovating old spaces or building new ones. By the cellar entrance, most of the farms also have a dedicated tasting room.