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Restavracija Oceanis (Perla, Resort & Entertainment)


The buffet restaurant Oceanis offers a wide range of dishes for a standard all-you-can-eat price. Choose from fresh salads, cold appetizers, excellent pasta cooked in many different ways, vegetable, meat and fish dishes, house desserts, fruit and ice cream.

Beside the selection of everyday food, you can occasionally enjoy various cuisines and traditional dishes, such as summer recipes, Easter food or typical Martinmass dishes. Experience also our tastings and dishes of the month. Looking for a tasty, fast, relaxed and affordable meal? Then the restaurant Oceanis of the casino and entertainment centre Perla is the perfect choice!


Monday–Friday: 19.00–23.00
Saturday: 13.00–15.00 and 18.00–23.00
Sunday and Italian holidays: 12.00–15.00 and 18.00–23.00
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