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Restavracija Grad Kromberk

RestaurantFine dining

The family-run restaurant enjoys a rich tradition of flavour dating back to 1982 and on Kromberk Castle uses only top-notch ingredients to create exquisite culinary masterpieces. The menu is based on fresh and seasonal dishes, offering their guests only the best experience. Experience the ambience of the castle built in the 13th century by the count Henrik von Dornberk and was reconstructed in the 17th century by Ivan Maria Coronini.

You will have the chance to discover and taste the forgotten dishes and traditional recipes refurbished in a modern and inventive way. The quality of the ingredients, the home-grown herbs and the careful preparation of the food will enthral you every single time. Chef Aleš look for inspiration anytime and anywhere, but mainly during his morning visit to the market, in his mom’s herb garden or even in the sky. That’s why his dishes are unique and inimitable. His is convinced that not only the best ingredients, what is also important is the food preparation in treatment to allow each element to shine all its original and natural character. Together with his team, chef Aleš combines flavours into unforgettable culinary voyages.

Not to be missed:

  • culinary treats inside or on the castle terrace with the view of the Vipava Valley
  • the team is happy to listen to you wishes and needs and can prepare tailor-made dishes
  • authentic sea flavours
  • exclusive wines that lose the label once in the mouth
  • professional yet friendly approach
  • quite atmosphere surrounded by nature
  • reservations preferred
  • the castle is a popular wedding location

Impressions: excellent food, great team, delightful service, castle ambience, royal dishes, fantastic location immersed in nature, fresh food, quality and well-presented dishes, worth the visit.

Restavracija Grad Kromberk

Grajska cesta 1, 5000 Nova Gorica
t: +386 (0)5 302 71 60
m: +386 (0)41 693 073


WED12.00–15.00 and 19.00–22.00
THU12.00–15.00 and 19.00–22.00
FRI12.00–15.00 and 19.00–22.00
SAT12.00–15.00 and 19.00–22.00
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