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Drive-in, Restaurant & Entertainment


The restaurant offers buffet lunch and dinner, as well as several snacks the excellent cooks prepare right in front of the guests. Various cold dishes can also be ordered: platter of cold cuts, fish carpaccio, cheese platter and cold pasta. Warm courses include numerous meat and fish dishes, and pasta recipes. To finish the meal in style, indulge in delicious desserts.


MON13.00–15.00 and 18.00–20.30
TUE13.00–15.00 and 18.00–20.30
WED13.00–15.00 and 18.00–20.30
THU13.00–15.00 and 18.00–20.30
FRI13.00–15.00 and 18.00–20.30
SAT13.00–15.00 and 18.00–20.30
SUN13.00–15.00 and 18.00–20.30
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