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Gostilna Štirna


In Štirna – so called after a traditional Karst well – the tradition of catering to hungry guests goes back to the days of yore when carters made their stop here on their way from Italy. The inn makes it a point to spice up traditional recipes with a modern touch. Seasonal ingredients of local provenance are made into culinary treats bound to please gourmet palates. Typical Karst dishes are recommended to pleasure-seekers and foodies who shouldn’t miss out on the incredible prosciutto and other cured meat products. The inn’s offering includes pizza and dessert as well. Above the eatery are accommodations.

Not to be missed:

  • indoor seating for 90 people and outdoor seating for 60 people
  • electric car charging station
  • close to Cerje


Friday–Sunday: 12.00–22.00
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