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Gostilna Makorič


The inn is famous for its authentic cuisine that matches the seasons as is typical for the Vipava Valley and Karst in general. The owners try to make sure that all food gets to your plate via the shortest possible route. The spring menu is particularly delectable, featuring asparagus specialties such as asparagus frittatas and soups to more sophisticated asparagus dishes. Groups of more than 10 people are asked to book in advance.

Not to be missed:

  • the spring menu features asparagus specialties
  • oven fresh bread
  • indoor seating for 90 people and outdoor seating for 60 people

Gostilna Makorič

Orehovlje 31, 5291 Miren
t: +386 (0)5 305 43 94
m: +386 (0)41 535 333


Wednesday–Friday: 10.00–15.00 and 18.00–22.00
Saturday–Sunday: 11.00–22.00

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