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The specialty of Skisanc Vinegars lies in their discovery of new flavours, limited not only to fruit but also featuring vegetables, various herbs, wild and meadow flowers. Next to persimmon vinegar, they offer pine vinegar, raspberry vinegar, rose, juniper, coffee vinegar ... All are based on gentle acidity, allowing the aromas and especially character to fully develop.

Production starts with the careful selection of finest ingredients. Fruit and vegetables are purchased from the local farmers, while herbs are picked in nature. Using only fresh and organic items allows them to make vinegar without sulphur or any other preservatives. The acidification process likewise employs no accelerants, swearing by slow fermentation the natural way. Only so are the wholesome flavours genuinely expressed to their fullest. Finally, vinegar is bottled without additions, dilution or filtration.

The mission of Skisanc Vinegars is simple: exploring the making and matching of flavours.

Not to be missed:

  • presentations and tastings of unique vinegars
  • rich choice of interesting flavours
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