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Golden Ring Cheese


Golden Ring Cheese is an artisanal cheese-making operation, performing its mission in one of the finest corners of the Vipava Valley, Sinji vrh above Ajdovščina, at an elevation of 1000 metres. The flavour of Golden Ring cheeses is sharpened in the pitch black at a constant temperature in a high moisture environment, namely in the abandoned tunnels of a former Italian guardhouse dating back to the start of the last century. It’s this unique microclimate that shapes the flavour profile. Cheeses are made from raw cow milk produced in the mountains. The ageing period is three months or longer. 
There are several types of cheese available, most commonly Vipava Valley, Soft Valley and Blue Valley. The special thing about the first two is that they age wrapped up in cotton cloth. This enables uniform moisture exchange and even ageing. Over time, the cheese develops fascinating textures of natural moulds, ranging from greyish, blue to orange tones. Gradually, the cheese grows a unique rind. Depending on the season, there are also other cheeses available, provided that the right ingredients are at hand (White Valley, Vipava Sunset, Black Widow). 
Not to be missed:
  • the cheese ages underground in abandoned tunnels of a former Italian guardhouse
  • artisanal product, with every wheel individually tended to
  • custom cheese can be developed based on customer wishe

Golden Ring Cheese

Kovk 19 a, 5273 Col
t: +386 (0)31 836 813
m: +386 (0)40 839 729


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