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Domačija Čilčevi, organic farm and dairy


Situated in the idyllic village of Pedrovo, this organic farm and dairy manages a herd of autochthonous endangered Karst sheep (also known as Istrian Milks) and Drežnica goats. Both breeds produce very rich milk that lends itself to the production of a range of dairy products reflecting the quality of the pristine grazing areas and the animals themselves. The fruit growing in the orchard and the vegetables and herbs from the garden make for delicious jams, purees and syrups.

Visitors of the farm can get a first-hand experience of how cheese is made, take a wander around the quaint village and take in the beauty, views and scents of the virginal meadows. Goats and sheep can also be petted. Chat up with the owners of the farm and enjoy the delectable flavours of what they produce and cook.

Not to be missed:

  • holder of an organic production certificate and organic processing certificate
  • presentation of the farm, guided sampling of cheese and other farm products with purchase option
  • samplings for max. 12 people (upon announcement)
  • other dairy products: goat's milk, goat's yoghurt, sheep's yoghurt, goat's whey
  • a highlight of the region, the village of Pedrovo was virtually abandoned until a decade ago when it was revived
  • proximity of Rihemberk Castle, one of the most iconic and oldest castles in the country

Guest reviews: sweeping views of the Vipava Valley, friendliness, cosiness, an exceptional range of natural cheeses.

Domačija Čilčevi

Pedrovo 1, 5295 Branik
m: +386 (0)40 601 307


upon arrangement
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