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A Wealth of Genuine Flavours

In the sunny Vipava Valley, vegetables thrive and the best fruit ripens to perfection.  For long centuries this land was the plentiful garden of the surrounding regions, supplying the first cherries, delicious apricots and myriad vegetables. Grapes and wine were the staples of this abundant paradise. Today, the Vipava Valley is a place of vineyards and orchards, though the variety of its produce remains colourful. In boutique manner, the locals cultivate numerous kinds of fruit, vegetables and field produce, in addition to drying meat for home consumption. All this forms the firm foundation of the simple, nourishing and extremely tasty local dishes.

  • Unique flavours. All year round.

    Vipava Valley Dry-Cured Ham

    Many consider a savoury slice of valley dry-cured ham the pinnacle of local cuisine. Hand-cut to thin perfection, it simply melts in the mouth alongside fresh home-baked bread. According to old tradition, the farmers of the Vipava Valley cure their ham in the open. The strong Burja wind deserves much credit for the great ham-drying properties of the region, which naturally apply to other meats as well. Locals are master producers of various sausages, salamis, pancetta and bacon. Enjoying a bite of these delicacies and a sip of home wine opens the door to paradise ...

  • Unique flavours. All year round.

    Cherries, apricots, peaches…

    Lovers of fruit will be delighted by the juiciness and fullness of Vipava Valley's produce. The longest tradition is found in our cherries and apricots, which had for centuries been transported to Trieste, Ljubljana and Vienna. Oral history says the valley cherries were, on occasion of the Emperor's coronation, sent even to Saint Petersburg. In the last century pears are another success story in the valley, used also to make excellent juice. On a smaller scale, the Vipava Valley offers an extensive variety of fruit, including some seldom found around here such as pomegranates and almonds for example. From May to December, as many as seven months of the valley's year, you can reach for ripe fruit straight from the tree.

  • Unique flavours. All year round.

    From the Garden Straight to the Table

    The luxury of having access to fresh vegetables all year round contributed to the Vipava Valley's healthy food culture, which spontaneously follows the seasons and uses whatever produce is at hand. When nothing else grows, fresh spices and chicory are still around. Certainly, the vegetables, fruits and meats stored by the farmers over winter don't travel far to reach the plate, either. No artificial processing, keeping foods packed with nutrients just as provided by nature.

  • Unique flavours. All year round.

    Craft Beer

    The new wave of excitement over micro-brewed beer revived the Vipava Valley's decades slumbering brewing practice. Modern-style unfiltered, unpasteurized locally crafted beer is offered in many of the bars and restaurants, going great with local dishes. In fact, the Vipava Valley boasts some of Slovenia's best craft breweries.

Explorers are Rewarded With Delights

In the Vipava Valley, don't expect to find the restaurants and inns clumped up on every corner. Top restaurants and inns are few and far between, as well as highly popular making reservations doesn't hurt. This is particularly true for many of the farms, which only open their doors to announced visitors. A small effort that will be amply rewarded. The quality and originality of the dishes and their genuine flavours are certain to bring joy to any explorer of the valley's culinary offer.