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Savoury. All Year Round.    

Tasting is one of the most exciting ways of getting to know any country, perhaps since the flavours of the local produce, dishes and drinks contain the very essence of the land. The soil of the Vipava Valley, its climate, people and customs, these all reflect in the local gastronomy – unique in its flavours and aromas, uncompromising in its authenticity.

All year long, the tourist farms of the valley and its wine cellars, genuine inns and great restaurants let you savour distinctive dishes that'll keep you coming back.


  • Tasting. All year round.

    Fruit from the tree seven months of the year

    Mediterranean influences have a benevolent touch on the valley, and the vegetation period is here significantly longer compared to the rest of Slovenia’s regions. The first cherries ripen in early May already, and the last khakis are still holding on to their branches in December. The valley grows all types of fruit familiar to the climate, including those less common. As a result, you can eat seasonal fruit straight from the tree seven months of the year.

  • Tasting. All year round.

    Millennia of winemaking history

    Grapevines were likely brought to the Vipava Valley nearly two thousand years ago by the ancient Romans, though some suggest they’d been here all along. At any rate, winegrowing has ever since been the valley’s most important agricultural branch, and our excellent wines are the gems of the local gastronomy. The venerable winegrowing tradition shaped a rich culture of wine appreciation, which can be felt on every step here. Ancient and modern wine cellars alike will give you a taste of premium wines as well as local old varieties you might not have tried before.

  • Tasting. All year round.

    Traditional home dishes

    Despite the extraordinary fertility of the Vipava Valley, or perhaps precisely because of it, traditional cuisine here has always been relatively simple. The straightforward dishes are consistently seasonal, prepared using the freshest ingredients. Vegetable stew, especially sauerkraut and turnip based, local-style štruklji rolled dumplings and dry-cured ham are old staples with the locals, part of their daily menu. The golden rule of Vipava Valley’s cuisine remains: from the orchard, the field and the garden straight to the plate.

Unique Experiences

Explore the Vipava Valley and experience all there is to taste here.