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Green Destination

The Vipava Valley Firmly Rooted in Green Tourism

For years, Slovenia has been steadfast in its commitment toward green and sustainable tourism, with a strong focus on environmental friendliness and a positive impact on culture and society. In this context, the umbrella brand Slovenia Green was developed to concentrate the efforts toward achieving sustainable development and enable comparison with other green destinations around the world. Its aim is also to foster the national character and strengthen Slovenia's position as a green destination on the global map.

In 2016, the municipalities of Ajdovščina and Vipava entered the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. The municipality of Nova Gorica had joined a year earlier. Both tourism destinations, the Vipava Valley and Nova Gorica, were awarded the silver SLOVENIA GREEN DESTINATION label for their sustainability efforts. In 2019, the municipality Miren-Kostanjevica received a golden label, with the municipality of Nova Gorica additionally having been promoted to gold. In 2019, all three places made it to the top 100 most sustainable destinations in the world.

Green in More Ways than One

The Vipava Valley captivates visitors with its pristine nature and authentic lifestyle. The locals deeply cherish these traits and have put at them at the centre of their developmental strategy. Holding on to them has kept the Vipava Valley unspoilt, green and friendly. 

Environmental protection has been consistently and systemically at the forefront of local efforts, not only in areas protected under Natura 2000 but also outside of it. A clean environment and high-quality potable water are a given. The same applies to arable land which is protected against development. This is another way to preserve the traditional character of the valley.

In addition to unspoilt nature, the Vipava Valley also offers opportunities for a green lifestyle, supported by a few accommodation providers who have already been recognized for their sustainability efforts with an Ecolabel. The agritourism farms dotting the Vipava Valley boast organic produce from sustainable farming. A particular highlight of the region is the wine made by employing biodynamic methods. Progressive farms have a clear goal in mind: natural farming practices every step of the way.

The lusciously verdant Vipava Valley intends to honour the commitment it made toward remaining green.

Green Products

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10 green tips when visiting the Vipava Valley

The people living and working in Vipava Valley are set on keeping the valley green through unwavering commitment and by stepping up for sustainability.

Dear visitors to the Vipava Valley! We are convinced that our efforts to steer a green course are noticeable throughout the valley, and that visitors like you appreciate the outcome of our green commitment.

During your stay, we encourage you to keep in mind these green tips to support us in our efforts in keeping the valley green, and help us build a better world for all.

1. As you set foot in the Vipava Valley, please keep in mind that you have now entered an unspoilt landscape where authentic traditions have been passed down the centuries with great love and care.

2. Our green landscape offers memorable experiences. In return, make sure to keep the environment clean and intact. Take in its beauty, but also make sure that it will stay beautiful for those coming next.

3. Refrain from picking flowers or crops. Rest assured that the hard-working locals will happily offer you their produce in their traditional display of hospitality.

4. Enjoy the clean water and savour the luxury of being able to pour a nice glass of water straight from the tap. Don’t forget to bring along your water bottle when you’re out and about in the Vipava Valley; you can fill it up at the water fountains or with locals.

5. Be responsible with water and other natural resources, and only use as much as you really need.

6. Enter the expansive forests knowing that you’ll be sharing them with other inhabitants only for a short time to. Be mindful of the rare species of wild flora and fauns.

7. Travel around green. Whenever you can, go on foot, take the bike or ride an electric vehicle.

8. To get to know our way of living, you can give us a hand with home and farm chores, and help us preserve our traditional lifestyle.

9. Choose to eat locally grown food that was prepared traditionally and in keeping with our customs that are tied to the seasonal cycles of nature.

10. The best way to explore our destination is with a local guide; they know all the sights and have all the exciting stories, know the paths to the most obscure places and are the best source for presenting our culture.