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Green Destination

Our Paradise Valley is Green

The Vipava Valley and cross-border Goriška welcome visitors with their pristine nature and genuine lifestyle. These values are very important to the locals, and have been profoundly influencing the land's development for many years. As a result our valley is now a genuine, green and friendly destination, which we proudly call the Paradise Valley.

All our destinations are part of the Slovenia Green scheme. Our people have been systematically and persistently conserving the natural environment. Here, you will find a clean environment and exceptionally good drinking water at every step, not only in protected areas included in the Natura 2000 network. The same attention is given to agricultural land where construction is not permitted. This has allowed the valley to preserve its traditional landscape.

We will welcome you not only with pristine nature, but also our green way of living, and offer you our green products. Here you can find certified green accommodation, visit a restaurant or an agritourism farm with a green label, select guided adventures organised by an agency holding a sustainability certificate, or visit local attractions that carry the green label. Numerous farms in Vipava Valley sell organically and sustainably grown products. Especially worth mentioning are wines, fully produced adhering to biodynamic principles. Modern farms have one clear objective: produce everything with completely natural methods.

Our Green Guide, nicknamed GiGi, will help you navigate the destination with useful tips.

Our destination is green and committed to remaining such. The Paradise Valley remains a paradise.