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Pleasant and Sunny

The Vipava Valley has a very pleasant climate. Its geographic position and specific land relief make for an interesting mixture of influences, resulting in some unique phenomena. The summers are hot, the winters gentle, the spring comes early and sunny days are always in abundance.

On the plateaus encircling the valley the atmosphere is quite different, being a mixture of the Alpine, Continental and Mediterranean climates. The Trnovo, Hrušica and Nanos Plateaus boast fresh summers and heavy snowfall in winter.

Where the Wind is at Home

The Vipava Valley's best known phenomenon is the Burja, a powerful north-eastern wind that ramps up when cold air arrives from the continent, reaching massive speeds with brief gusts over 200 kilometres per hour. Nevertheless, the locals are fond of the Burja as it clears the air and scatters the clouds. That is why the Vipava Valley is the sunniest place in Slovenia, enjoying on average as many as 2100 hours of sun annually.

Winds are another staple of the valley's character. When the Burja is quiet, the warm south-western Mornik is around in its stead, warming the valley to temperatures above 5 degrees 289 days in a year which allows the land to extend its vegetation period for two months compared to central Slovenia.