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The millenial city by the Soča River

The archaeological finds dating back to the Palaeolithic, the Bronze and Iron Ages, the Ancient Rome and the Early Medieval Period prove that Solkan is indeed one of the oldest settlements of the region. It was first mentioned with Gorizia as castle with a village nearby in an imperial document form 28 April 1001.

The place and the surrounding area were deeply affected by the bloodiest battles of the Isonzo Front which took place during World War I. Nowadays, many trails leading towards the outlying mountains of Škabrijel, Sabotin and Sveta Gora pass the former trenches and caverns which still serve as reminder of the Great War. The military cemetery of the First World War lies just by the Soča River.

Cultural landmarks and rich tradition

The most famous landmark captivating the sights of the visitors for over a century now is the Solkan Bridge. With an arch span of 85 metres, this engineering monument over the Soča River is the world's longest stone arch railroad bridge and one of the biggest architectural masterpieces on an international scale. It was built in 1906 as part of the railway from Jesenice to Gorizia.

Reigning high above Solkan, the Sveta Gora shrine is the largest in Western Slovenia. The majestic basilica and the Franciscan monastery with the St. Mary Museum where various art pieces are kept, will surely amaze every single visitor. 

Once upon a time, Solkan was known for its brilliant woodwork which flourished the most during the two world wars when every house had its own carpenter. Their masterpieces were famous far and wide. The memorial unveiled in honour of the local craftsmen and the collection of traditional artifacts serve as remainder of these old trade.

As well as Villa Bartolomei, the rural palace from the 18th century which hosts the museum of Solkan’s rich heritage.

The Gorizia and Solkan radicchio, known for its beautiful red head reminiscent of the rose, city emblem of Nova Gorica, originates in the area. Local growers manage to produce the seeds by themselves, a process that which requires skilful hands and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. This radicchio is deemed the best winter green full of flavours and beneficial antioxidants.

Solkan is the home of aquatic sports and adventures

Arguably the most fascinating water course in Central Europe, Soča River is a true source of inspiration and at the heart of every sporting activity. Not only it attracts many recreational users, the white-water course regularly hosts the most prestigious kayak and canoe competitions. Adventure-lovers will enjoy the Soča Fun Park or even experience an adrenaline rush with the one-of-a-kind bungee jump from the road bridge.