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The ancient hamlet at the edge of two worlds

The Vipava Valley nestles numerous isolated villages where time seems to have stopped. Such is the ancient hamlet of Pedrovo situated on the Northern edges of the Karst Plateau and from which a stunning panorama of the valley opens to the visitors. Thanks to its location on the very brink of limestone landscape and flysch soil, Pedrovo is deemed characteristic for both the Karst and the Vipava Valley. Secured, on one side, by the lush forest and exposed towards the valley on the other, the hamlet managed to preserve its pristine lifestyle.

There are only 20 houses gathered around the church of the Holy Spirit. From as long as one can remember, people here were known winemakers, and the village itself was famous for the largest barrel of the region and the vast chestnut groves. After World War II, the inhabitants went almost extinct, but new energy brought the village to life in recent years.

Tourism nowadays

The locals here continue to preserve their customs, living in harmony with nature and its gifts. Visitors can experience the young soul of Pedrovo and the well-maintained architectural heritage by knocking on the doors of Čilčevi homestead where you can taste the products made of sheep and goat milk, get acquainted with their domestic breeds and pick wild herbs from the meadow nearby. Toncevi organic agritourism invites you to indulge in traditional dishes based on old recipes and prepared with home-grown products or local ingredients. You can also book a room or suite to make the most of your break. At the end of Pedrovo, the neat House Artes, too, provides accommodations and surprises its guest with the splendid art gallery. In the remote yet elegantly restored hamlet the visitors can embrace the almost forgotten rural serenity and enjoy all the comfort and the hospitality of the locals.