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What a wonderful world just above Vipava Valley

Gora covers the Eastern part of the Trnovo Plateau above the Vipava Valley. The unspoiled landscape ends with Rob, the peak from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area. This region is known for a series of karst phenomena, i. e., lapis, chasms and sinkholes, but the most stunning wonder is the Otlica Natural Window.

The majority of hamlets and houses is dispersed on an altitude between 800 and 1000 metres. Despite being shy of an important source of drinking water, people still settled in Gora and built wells which until recently served as tanks to nestle the most precious gift of nature. As many as three former governments, namely the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Italy and Yugoslavia, tried to build a water distribution system for the local inhabitants who had to wait until 2004 when the Slovenian authorities finally managed to supply water to every single house of Gora.

Paradise for active vacation

Gora is the obvious choice for hikers. The rims of Gora and the nearby peaks of Čaven and Golaki offer gorgeous panorama of the valley below and towards the Nanos Plateau, the Karst and even the Trieste Gulf. From some mountains you can even admire the Alps and the city of Idrija. Gora is intertwined with mountain routes and themed paths, and is also crossed, among others, by the Slovenian Mountain Trail. Hikers can challenge themselves on beaten paths and slopes that reach Gora from the Vipava Valley. The most popular is the one that starts from the spring of the Hubelj River and finishes at the Otlica Natural Window.

The region is also the cyclists’ favourite. Mountain bikers can circle the entire Gora, climb to the lodge on Čaven, and enjoy the connections of forest trails with the close villages of Trnovo, Vojsko and Zadlog.

And if you want to feel the rush of adrenaline going down your spine, visit Kovk where you can experience paragliding and hang gliding only to admire the beautiful Vipava Valley from the sky.

The distinctive climate, much colder compared to the temperatures in the valley, and unique landscape will surprise the visitors with diverse vegetation. Gora truly is the perfect summer getaway: far from traffic routes and close to the stars you can almost touch in summer evenings. Ask the locals for advice what to visit by foot or bicycle or simply relax in a suite or room and appreciate the peacefulness of Gora.