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Genuine Charm

The beautiful sites of the Vipava Valley show a curious diversity due to the range of epochs and reasons behind their creation. Celtic tribes once lived here by the water sources, the Roman Empire maintained military fortifications and fought decisive battles, the noble families of the Middle Ages and beyond commanded over the land, building luxurious mansions and castles. Every corner of the old valley countryside whispers of colourful history, clever ideas and sparkling achievements. In recent times, too, these parts have maintained their openness, staying connected with the world while steadily holding on to respected tradition.

The elegant well preserved buildings invite visitors to pause and wonder, enticing them to quench their curiosity and aesthetic enjoyment in the many small museums and galleries of the valley. Strolling the narrow alleys and little squares is always a pleasant experience, while a stop at the wine shop or restaurant, where one can enjoy a good taste of homemade food, rounds out the day in a truly satisfying way. Genuine and unforgettable.

  • Charming. All year round.


    The town of Ajdovščina is huddled inside antique city walls, having risen from the foundations of a Roman military fort. Many alleys in the old city core are narrow as can be, keeping their style also in Šturje, the other part of town on the left bank of the Hubelj River which once used to be an independent agricultural settlement. The restored Roman towers and lovely facades give this town a truly unique appeal. In addition to the famous Pilon Gallery, the town has three other galleries and a museum with a permanent archaeological exhibition and a showcase of fossils.

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    The old core of this picturesque settlement cradles many mysteries. Built on top the rare delta source of the River Vipava, it is criss-crossed by little bridges making for an endearing sight. Vipava was once the home of various noble families whose memory is rekindled by the marvellous Baroque-era Lanthieri Manor House with its stone boy statues on the central square. The fronts of the densely packed Vipava buildings are ornate, while the hamlet also surprises visitors with proper Egyptian sarcophagi, as well as the best-stocked wine shop around.

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    One of the oldest and prettiest villages in the Vipava Valley resides on an overlooking ridge. Goče, first mentioned in writing in the 14th century, is a living monument to Slovene cultural heritage. The settlement, a great example of the rustic architecture characteristic of the Goriška and Vipava regions, emerged in times of intensive grape production across the surrounding hills. It is now best known for its surprising number of wine cellars. As folklore goes, in times of the winegrowing boom, there were more cellars underneath Goče than houses on top.

  • Charming. All year round.

    Vipavski Križ

    On a hillock in the midst of the Vipava Valley stands a proud old walled settlement, the Vipavski Križ, one of Slovenia’s most beautiful monuments of cultural history. Visitors are thrilled by the remnants of its medieval castle, marvelling also at the settlement’s attractive architecture and its working Capuchin monastery with a sizeable library where the famous preacher John Baptist of Sveti Križ (St. Cross) once lived and studied …