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The Vipava River

The source of the Vipava River, which gave its name to the Vipava Valley, is very unique indeed. The river surfaces in the small town of Vipava, which is nestled below the steep slope of Mt Nanos, in several springs, discharging into its bed in the form of an inverted delta.

A little ways down from where the collective water from all springs discharges into one riverbed, the Močilnik Creek and the torrent Bela are discharged into the Vipava River as well. Further downstream, in the vicinity of Ajdovščina, another tributary, the Hubelj River, is discharged into the riverbed of the Vipava, feeding it large quantities of water during heavy rainfall. The largest tributary in the downstream basin of the Vipava River is the Branica Creek flowing from the edge of the karst plateaus. In Miren, the Vipava River leaves Slovenia and enters Italy where it discharges into the Soča River. Despite a number of torrential tributaries, the Vipava River is generally a slow river with amazing meanders created in its lazy downstream area. Historically, the river was lined with mills. The best preserved example is the Pekel Mill close to the village of Dornberk.

The Vipava River is especially popular with fishermen as its pure water houses an abundance of fish species, including the famous marble trout. There are ample fishing opportunities, ranging from fly fishing to spin fishing, float fishing and bottom fishing to the delight of novice and advanced fishermen.

There are many pleasant and family-friendly trails along the Vipava River, attracting walkers, hikers and cyclists. Their tranquillity, natural beauty and the lush banks that give home to so many bird species, especially in the lower reaches, truly are inspiring.

In summer, the Vipava River is perfect for all types of fun water activities, with standup paddleboarding and kayaking being the most popular. Thanks to the superb water quality, you can also take a refreshing dip.


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