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A natural bridge spanning Lijak Creek, Skozno is set right on the precipitous cliff of the Trnovo Forest. 10 metres tall and 15 metres wide, this natural karst bridge was created at the same time as the short cave below the rock wall through which a path was made. The window-shaped natural formation is a sight to behold and offers scenic views of the Vipava Valley and Friuli, with a sliver of the Adriatic Sea in the distance. There’s a shorter cavern dating back to World War I. According to locals, General Borojevič, a distinguished Austrian commander on the Isonzo Front, used Skozno to keep an eye on the battlefield around Gorizia.

Skozno is a protected natural monument. It can be reached via a well-maintained and well-marked footpath that starts at the cemetery in the village of Šmihel. The tour takes about an hour. Located above the source of the Lijak is the take-off point for free flying with paragliders and hang gliders.