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Otliško okno

On the steep slopes looming over Ajdovščina, on the edge of the Trnovo Forest, close to the village of Otlica, ancient forces of nature created a large orifice in the rock – a captivating natural window boasting a scenic view of the Vipava Valley. 

Legend has it that the window in the rock was created as the Devil stumbled when he couldn’t shoulder the load he was wearing. As he fell, his horn punctured the rock, leaving a hole.

The Otlica Window (Otliško okno) is a natural bridge that was created in the wake of an intense tectonic fault. The twelve-metre-tall and seven-metre-wide orifice is the product of weathering and erosion of bedrock. Below this large window is a smaller one. 

This amazing feature is a popular hiking stop, mostly due to the extraordinary view of the valley it offers. The closest starting point is the village of Otlica. The name of the village is derived from the word “votel” or “otel” as it’s pronounced here, and “otla gora”or “otlica” would translate to something like “hollow mountain”. A pleasant 30-minute hike will get you from the village to the Window. Another popular hiking route to the Otlica Window, albeit a little more challenging due to going uphill, starts at the source of the Hubelj above Ajdovščina. The area offers a myriad of hiking opportunities. Along the edge of the Trnovo Plateau and past the Otlica Window runs the “Pot po Robu” (Trail along the Edge) which starts in Col and ends in Predmeja.  

Only minutes away from the Window is the Stone Snail, a spiral-shaped stone installation, which is another worthwhile sight.