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Where Worlds Collide

Great tectonic shifts have in prehistory crafted a magical landscape here. Where the valley now lies there was once a primordial sea. Some of the many fossils it had left behind are on display in the Ajdovščina Museum. The Vipava Valley, low-lying and just the right width, is entirely open towards the southwest, absorbing the benevolent influences of the Mediterranean. To the north and east, it is enclosed by the Dinaric Karst Plateau full of typical karstic phenomena and some quite rare ones, too. Unusual rock formations, sinkholes, diverse caves, cold air pools and even a proper ice cave, all these and more can be discovered adventuring here.

There are vast amounts of groundwater deep within the mountain ranges overlooking the valley, its sources abundant with the purest, freshest water. The crossroads of climates brings together the Mediterranean, the Alpine and the Continental, a clash sparking the strong local wind Burja whose gusts may reach speeds unrivalled in this part of Europe.