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Capuchin Monastery in Vipavski Križ

The monastery was built next to the Castle of Vipavski Križ in the eponymous medieval town in 1637 at the behest of the Counts of Attems. Ever since, the monastery has been virtually continuously inhabited by Capuchin monks, who made a great mark on the erstwhile town of Vipavski Križ. The monastery is noted for the precious library of 25,000 books, of which 2,000 were printed from 1510 to 1800. The jewel in the crown is the Manuscript Codex – a 15th century prayer book written in Gothic minuscule and adorned with intricate illuminations and initials. Among the library’s most prized possessions are five volumes of Sacrum promptuarium penned by the famous baroque preacher Janez Svetokriški (John Baptist of the Saint Cross), a Capuchin monk himself. The monastery and the monastery church house a great number of art pieces; the centrepiece is the large Baroque painting Glory of the Holy Trinity produced by the Capuchin monk Oswald in 1668, which is one of the largest and finest canvas paintings in the country. The extensive library and artwork collection can be visited upon prior appointment.

Information and guided tours: TIC Ajdovščina and

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