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Franciscan Monastery on Sveta Gora

The famous pilgrimage centre of Sveta Gora is closely linked with Franciscan monks. Exiled several times, they were always able to return. The pilgrimage church was put into the care of the Franciscans in 1565. In 1786, in the aftermath of the reforms instituted by Emperor Joseph II., the pilgrimage route was abolished, and the monks forced to leave. It was soon restored, but the Franciscans returned to Sveta Gora only in 1901. They helped the pilgrimage route reclaim its former reputation, but it was cut short by the First World War that turned the pilgrimage site into a ruin and forced the Franciscans to flee again. Ever since its post-war restoration, when it was first repopulated with Italian Franciscans, the Franciscan monastery on Sveta Gora is the heart of this popular pilgrimage site. The monastery operates the Marian Museum which is a fascinating collection of religious artefacts, outlining the tumultuous history of the pilgrimage route.

Information: TIC Nova Gorica and

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