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Vipava Museum of Winemaking

The beautifully restored side wing of the Baroque Lanthieri Mansion in Vipava houses a unique museum dedicated to the rich history of winemaking in the Vipava Valley.

Today we know that it was the Romans who in the first centuries AD decisively influenced the development of wine culture in what is today the Vipava Valley, even though vines have been growing here even before the Romans. In the 19th century local scholars provided the impetus for the development of winemaking. Matija Vertovec's book “Vinoreja” (The Art of Winegrowing) introduced to the Slovenian reader advanced winemaking know-how. A man named Rihard Dolenc managed to gain the support of wealthy landowners to found the first agricultural school located in Slap pri Vipavi. By restoring the vineyards after the damage caused in the late 19th century by phylloxera, winemakers set the foundation for the development of viticulture in the 20th century.

The Wine Museum Vipava presents the development of technological grape processing methods through the ages. One part of the museum focuses on vine cultivation, which has been successfully developed in the valley since the beginning of the 20th century.

Information and guided tours: TIC Vipava
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