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Memorial Museum to War Hero Mikhailo

The museum dedicated to Mehdi Huseynzade – Mikhailo, an Azerbaijani national hero, is situated in the old school building in Šempas village. Born in 1918, in Baku province located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, he was drafted into the Red Army during the Second World War. He was wounded and captured as a POW, but managed to escape and soon thereafter he joined the Turkestan Legion, eventually finding himself in Trieste. In February 1944, he joined the local Partisans and became a highly effective commando. He died in 1944 in Vitovlje. The museum, which is operated by the Regional museum Goriški muzej, displays his artwork from when he was younger, his photographs, his army gear and other items brought in from Azerbaijan by museum patrons. 

Šempas 136
5261 Šempas

T: +386 (0)41 889 432 Mirica Kragelj
Viewings by appointment.