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Cerje Monument of Peace

Celje hill rises right on the edge of the Karst Plateau, between the Vipava Valley and the Adriatic Sea. And on top of the hill, the 25-metres high monument was built to preserve the memory of all defenders of the Slovenian land in the nation’s history. The idea to erect this stone giant was brought up by the revolutionary organization TIGR. It hides precious treasures of history and arts. The six stories of the memorial reflect the different eras of Slovenian history and its milestones: from the prehistoric period to the darkest year of World War I and II, the Slovenian War of Independence and to the highest floor with the observation platform symbolising the bright look into the future.

The ground floor with its glorious doors and the monumental entrance area celebrates the oldest preserved written word in Slovenian language – the Freising manuscripts.

Here, you will remain amazed by The Dance of Life and Death, the life work of Rudi Španzel, which reminds us of the horrors and magnitude of World War I.

Continue to the cellar to visit the heartbreaking People and War exhibition, displaying every aspect of war and the its impact on people. On the upper floors of the Monument, visitors can get acquainted with the modern Slovenian history, with emphasis on World War I and the Battles of the Isonzo, which left behind most victims right in the area of the monument. This part of the exhibition presents the story of TIGR anti-fascist movement and the tragic experience of the locals who were forced to leave their homes and migrate during the wars. Through Fascism and World War II, the story of Slovenia is completed with its independence.

Besides the permanent exhibitions, the Monument of Peace regularly hosts other collections of renowned artists.

The location and design, as well as the contents of this monumental building were all well thought-out. The interesting architecture of the magnificent fort has been integrated in the heart of a natural amphitheatre, where the views stretch on all sides of the sky, from the Vipava Valley, the Adriatic Sea, the Friuli Plain and all the way to the Julian Alps. Neat and well-marked trails of the Walk of Peace are routed near the memorial. The area is intertwined with various bicycle and hiking trails.  

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Lokvica 35
5291 Miren

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