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The Pilon Gallery

The striking blue house in the old town centre of Ajdovščina is the birth place of Veno Pilon. A painter, graphic artist and photographer, Pilon is recognized as an important figure in Slovenian art and a prominent figure in European Expressionism and new reality. Today, the building houses The Pilon Gallery. The gallery grew from the painter’s legacy that his son Dominique Pilon presented to the town of Ajdovščina upon his father's passing in 1970. In addition to the Pilon Collection, the gallery also exhibits other collections such as: The Friends of Pillon and The Vipavski Križ Collections (produced at art colonies taking place in Vipavski Križ), as well as the Castrumfoto photography collection and the international La collezione della Foresteria that was presented to the gallery by Italian art historian Laura Safred. Acting as the central visual art hub in the Vipava Valley, the gallery regularly organizes exhibitions from other fields of visual art such as painting, sculpting, graphic art, drawing, architecture, design and photography.

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Pilonova galerija
Prešernova ulica 3
5270 Ajdovščina

T: +386 (0)5 368 91 77

Opening hours
Tuesday–Friday: 9.00–18.00
Saturday and Sunday: 15.00–18.00
Monday, holidays: closed

Currently closed for renovations.