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Ajdovščina Museum Collection

In the first centuries of the Common Era the area that is today the old town centre of Ajdovščina was a relay station established by the Romans on the banks of the local river. The frigid water led to the settlement’s name Fluvio Frigido. In later years, the station was fortified and renamed Castra. The Ajdovščina Museum Collection displays the permanent archaeological exhibition of the regional museum titled Fluvio frigido – Castra – Flovius – Ajdovščina, which traces the development of Ajdovščina from prehistoric times up to the Early Middle Ages. The museum building also houses a permanent fossil collection compiled by the local collector and amateur geologist Stanislav Bavčar. The collection comprises around 1200 fossils from around the country, including extremely rare specimens, and even some world-first discoveries.

Goriški muzej
Grajska cesta 1
5000 Nova Gorica

T: +386 (0)5 335 98 11 

Prešernova ulica 24
5270 Ajdovščina

Opening hours
Saturday and Sunday: 13.00–18.00