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Field Hospital Museum

The Field Hospital Museum is located in the old funeral parlour of Renče cemetery and gives us a glimpse into the medical care in WW1. The museum collection displays the activities of the Renče field hospital, and the medical equipment used to treat the sick and injured soldiers in WW1. The collection is presented on five panels, starting with the beginning of the war, showing Renče during WW1, the plight of the refugees, and the hospital and the operations of the medical staff in general. There are also original items on display as well as a nurse’s uniform from Austria-Hungary. The exhibition features pictures, documents and photos of Renče before and during the war.

The traces of the First World War can be seen over a poignant tour of the Vinišče Memorial Park, Renče. Covering an expansive 10,000 square meters, the park features trenches, bunkers, a cavern, and a network of well-maintained paths. This site witnessed the valiant efforts of numerous soldiers hailing from across Austria-Hungary, including a significant presence of Slovak forces. A memorial, erected by their fellow countrymen, pays homage to the lives lost in this harrowing conflict.

Opening hours and information
The museum can be toured during the opening hours of TIC Nova Gorica. The employees open and close the exhibit remotely based on your call. Details are provided at the museum’s front entrance.

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