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Oskar Kogoj Nature Design Gallery

Oskar Kogoj is a designer, academy fellow and artist whose timeless creations have been pushing the boundaries of global industrial design for over six decades, shaping living trends worldwide.

In Miren you can visit his sales and exhibition gallery, choosing between various forms of Kogoj's famous nature design that ranges from glasses, chalices and vases to sculptures, trays, symbols and even furniture.

The upper level features a sales area and displays a part of the permanent collection. Notably, it houses the Avatar Room with its exquisite wall-to-wall murals incorporating gold and semi-precious stone dust.

The masterpieces of Oskar Kogoj are kept by more than a hundred collections and galleries all over the world, and have won the author over 60 international awards. His design radiates a cosmopolitan spirit and a  deep love for Slovenian heritage.

Guided tours of the gallery and the permanent Oskar Kogoj Nature Design collection, unveiling the underlying message and symbolism of Mr Kogoj’s works, can be organized in the mornings by prior appointment. The guides will take you through the artist’s life and work, and showcase the captivating interplay of forms inspired by nature, heritage, spirituality, and energies.

Oskar Kogoj Nature Design Gallery

Miren 125, 5291 Miren
t: +386 (0)5 395 42 00
m: +386 (0)41 432 511