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Villa Bartolomei

The town of Solkan (near Nova Gorica) is where Villa Bartolomei was erected. It is a country house of a bourgeois family from the Gorica region, who kept it as its occasional residence up until the Second World War. The two-storey building boasts a fully preserved late Baroque exterior. Built in the 18th century, the building managed to hold on to its characteristic face. The villa is managed by the Regional museum Goriški muzej which displays several permanent collections, mixing its offer up with occasional exhibitions.

Goriški muzej
Grajska cesta 1
5000 Nova Gorica

T: +386 (0)5 335 98 11 

Pod vinogradi 2
5250 Solkan

Opening hours
Monday–Friday: 10.00–17.00
Saturday and Sunday: 14.00–17.00