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Vipavski Križ Castle

The medieval town of Vipavski Križ, which is one of the most impressive cultural heritage monuments in the country, also boasts well preserved castle remains. Historic accounts reveal that the castle was erected by the last Count of Gorizia at the end of the 15th century when he commissioned the fortification of the Križ settlement to protect it from Turkish raids. The fortified settlement flourished and in the 16th century it was granted town privileges. The castle passed under the administration of the Thurn family until it was purchased by the Attems in 1605, heralding a period of spiritual and cultural advancement. In the 19th century, the Attems had abandoned it. A part of the castle was purchased by the school fund and converted into a school which is still in operation. The renovated castle cellar plays host to various cultural and social events.

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Tourist Association Vipavski Križ
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5270 Ajdovščina

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