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Zemono Manor House

The beautiful vista of the upper Vipava Valley lent its name to the Belvedere Manor House (also called Zemono Manor House) which is perched on a wine-growing hill in the village Zemono near Vipava. The history of the manor remains shrouded in mystery. Presumably it was built to function as a wine cellar and entertainment venue by the Counts of Lanthieri circa 1683. In terms of its shape and functionality, the building takes a special place in the context of Slovenian architectural heritage, representing a unique case of a Late Renaissance manor house. The main cruciform hall and corner chambers are decorated with fascinating, evocative frescoes. Today, the manor houses the celebrated restaurant Gostilna pri Lojzetu, famed for its refined cuisine.

Information: TIC Vipava, 
Viewings by appointment.