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Tabor above Črniče

The encampment or tabor is situated on a hill above the village Črniče, on the site of a former prehistoric hillfort. Having been of strategic importance in the past due to its natural position, the hillfort was a great point to control and keep an eye over the east and west part of the Vipava Valley, and provided effective defence against enemy attacks. Even the Romans operated an observation and signalization point up here. The terraces below the hillfort feature remains of a Roman era settlement, and a Roman or early medieval burial ground. For protection against the Ottomans, the medieval settlement was reinforced with a wall in 1413. Eventually, a village with a chapel developed inside the walls. The fortified encampment was abandoned in the 17th century with the end of the Ottoman incursions and the Habsburg–Venetian War. Of the two former defence towers only the northeast tower survived, and of the two fortified entrances only the north one. Tabor played an important role in the fights between the Republic of Venice and the Habsburgs, and during the First and Second World War.

Information: TIC Ajdovščina​