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Roman Fortress Ad Pirum

In the second half of the 3rd century AD, the Romans built a fortress they came to call Ad Pirum at the highest point (858 m) of the Roman road from Aquileia via Hrušica to Emona (present-day Ljubljana), on the site of the former postal/guard station. The fortress had a key position as part of the defence system in the east of the empire, protecting the main transport route between the Balkans and Italy. Archaeological findings from that era, dating mostly from the 4th century, indicate heavy settlement. It is very likely that a permanent garrison was stationed here.

Based on the finds made in the course of the archaeological excavations the following video reconstruction of the Ad Pirum fortress was made​.

The fortress was presumably abandoned somewhere around the year 400. The transport via Hrušica continued for well over two hundred years, although less lively. However, the ancient Roman route was again revived in the Late Middle Ages. From the 17th century and up to the extension of the railway route Ljubljana–Trieste in the mid-19th century, it was used as the regular postal connection between Gorica and Ljubljana. The building of the present Stara pošta Inn (Gostilna Stara pošta) on the Hrušica Plateau acted as a post station at that time and was later converted into a hunting lodge owned by the Counts of Lanthieri.

In the immediate vicinity of the old post building, which is a Slovene cultural monument in itself, the vestiges of the wall and towers of the Roman-age Ad Pirum still captivate visitors’ imagination. The “Stara pošta” Inn displays an archaeological collection of artefacts that were excavated on the site of the once vital road post.

Information: Gostilna Stara pošta: +386 (0)31 624 390; TIC Ajdovščina