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Europe Square

To celebrate the Slovenian accession to the European Union in 2004, the town of Nova Gorica and the Italian city of Gorizia inaugurated together the Europe Square (Piazza Transalpina in Italian) right in front of Nova Gorica Railway Station and on the border between the two countries.

The common square where the two nations meet is one of the most fascinating examples of coexistence between two cross-border towns.

The centre piece of this square is the so-called Mosaic of the New Europe. The mark was transferred from the old boundary stone which divided the two towns for years. Watchful eyes will perceive the fan-shaped design of the streets touching each other outside the Nova Gorica Railway Station, an idea conceived by the illustrious architect Maks Fabiani. This monumental Secession building once served as Gorizia’s Northern Train Station and was constructed during the works on the Bohinj Railway in 1906. It is now the oldest building in the young city of Nova Gorica.

On the Italian side of the square there lies the sundial made of a steam locomotive power wheel. Curious enough, in winter you can check the exact time on the bottom, whereas in summer the sundial shown the time on the upper part of the wheel.

Today, Europe Square is the image of the two cross-border towns as well as the symbol of European integration, powerfully renouncing any kind of separation.

Europe Square will be closed until the end of 2024 for renovation works. The Europe Mosaic, which has been covered to protect it from potential damage, will not be accessible until renovation is complete. Information about the square and historical photographs will be available on temporary information boards. Pedestrians are able to access the railway station from Kolodvorska Street on the Slovenian side, and via Catterini Street on the Italian side.