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Cultural heritage

Precious Legacy

In the previous millennia, the Vipava basin was considered a very important connection between the rural life and large urban centres. The Vipava Valley and the Gorizia Plain saw various peoples, armies and merchants pass the region. And those who stayed, left a lasting mark.

The remainders of the majestic strongholds and peculiar artifacts displayed in museums reflect the period where the ancient Romans used to live here. However, it was in the Medieval Ages and in the Early Modern Period that numerous castles, settlements and religious buildings were constructed in Vipava Valley and the Goriška Region. Throughout the history, powerful landowners of the fertile soil always possessed an immense impact on the region, and the trailblazers of the industrial manufacturing have later shaped out the life of the local people.

Welcome to the region where visionaries, architects and artists have left their priceless mark.