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Fascinating. All year round.  

A traveller's first impression when arriving to the Vipava Valley is a sense of serenity. The valley stays green all year long, from one side protected by tall ridges and from the other caressed by gentle hills. Small villages huddle around the many bell towers while large settlements are sparse and do not intrude upon the beautiful pastoral vistas of the local countryside.

The valley, populated already in the Palaeolithic Period, flourished under the ancient Romans who made it a crossroads of transportation routes in the region. Since the end of the first millennium, when Slavic tribes settled here, the vale has been a curious meeting place of cultures. The many castles, manors and churches tell the story of the land's vibrant and colourful history set within the gifts of nature; clean water, beautiful Karst phenomena, gentle climate and the occasional strong Burja wind.

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