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Inviting. All year round.  

Serenity is the first thing that pops up to the visitor’s mind when entering the Vipava Valley. Green all year long, the valley lays protected by the steep mountains on one side and the gentle hilly landscape on the other. Small villages typical of the region are clustered around striking belfries, while towns are rare and do not disturb the marvellous sceneries of the countryside.

To the West and across the Italian border, the valley flows into the Gorizia Plain. After its turbulent past, the Slovenian town of Nova Gorica and its neighbour Gorizia in Italy are now enjoying their borderless present as unique conurbation, wrapping up the beautiful rural life and the Medieval magic with a pinch of Mediterranean soul.

Since the ancient times, Vipava Valley and the Goriška Region have always been crossed by important routes. From the end of the first millennium when this part of Slovenia was inhabited by the Slavs, it has been known as a unique cultural crossroads. Various castles, palaces and churches reflect the vibrant character and rich life of the region gifted with countless natural sources of water, Karst phenomena, mild climate and the extreme gusts of the north-easterly wind burja.

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