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Discover Stories and Images of a Different Time

The Paradise Valley has always been a place where different cultures meet.

Today, the stories of ancient Roman forts, medieval castles, Renaissance and Baroque Manor Houses, millennial places, monasteries and churches continue to live on.

It’s home to secrets of a different kind.


Revisiting the Tales of the Paradise Valley

Discover the greatest secrets of the best local sights.

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Explore the gems of the Vipava Valley and Goriška Region! – For an augmented experience visit Rihemberk Castle, Vipavski Križ Castle, Roman fort of Castra, Ajdovščina, and Solkan Bridge and scan the provided QR code. Learn about the heritage of the place and take the augmented 360° tour.

Get inspired

Explore the gems of the Vipava Valley and Goriška Region.
Discover mysterious places and stories, and get ready for heavenly experiences.

Retracing Millennia of History

Precious cultural heritage that survived up to the present day.

Top cultural sites

The most fascinating tales and reflections of time.