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Top adventures

Cycling from flavour to flavour

The Paradise Valley is a real treat.
Memorable scenery, varied cycling paths and heavenly flavours.
Vipava Valley is uniquely different. All year round.


What makes cycling in Vipava Valley so special?

Discover the top reasons for visiting Vipava Valley.

The best "Bike & Taste" experiences

All our cycling trails have a gourmet twist to them.
Experience a wonderful day cycling with enjoyable breaks in the company of hospitable locals.

Vipava Valley Outdoor

App featuring hiking and cycling routes

For advanced cyclists and newbies

Vipava Valley offers cycling trails worth experiencing by everyone and in every season.

Get inspired

Let the local guides show you their favourite places in Vipava Valley.

Taste the Difference

Enjoy in your own way

What else is there to experience?

Choose one of the activities and explore our paradise.
Local guides will take you on an exploration of the mysteries and beauties of Vipava Valley.