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Top adventures

Active Holidays in the Land of Undiscovered Stories

The Paradise Valley offers thrilling cycling and hiking trails,
exciting children's curiosity, making guests go "yummm" at the table
and cradling them into peaceful sleep, having counted the stars in the sky.
The Vipava Valley is uniquely different. All year round.


Why is the Vipava Valley a Family-Friendly Paradise?

Discover great reasons for a family holiday in the Vipava Valley.

Memorable Family Experiences

Each vacation day can be different.
Cater to your wishes or mood, the age of your kids or your physical conditioning. There's opportunities for everyone.

Adventuring Tips

Explore the Vipava Valley, frontier Goriška and tall plateaus of the land.
Spend your holidays in active ways and discover curious stories.

Small Joys & Plenty of Stories

Days might be hot and lazy, great for refreshment in the pool and a scoop of ice cream.
Or they might be restless, calling for new adventures! Seek them out in many small museums, the collections and exhibitions of the Gorica Museum, and in the local art galleries.

Vipava Valley Outdoor

App featuring hiking and cycling routes

Taste the Difference

Enjoy in your own way