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Hiking Trail

Vitovlje circular hiking trail

Starting point: Užiče, car park at the event venue.

The trail originates at the event venue just above the hamlet of Užiče, a part of the village of Osek. Take the asphalt road towards the village of Vitovlje. After a few hundred metres turn right to a dirt road and then on to the path that was once known as Stairway to Vitovlje which brings you to the Church of the Assumption. Built in the 14th century it stands on an elevation above the village, between Vitovski vrh and Čaven. From the top you have a wonderful view of the Vipava Valley and the Goriška plain. In ideal weather conditions, you can even see the Adriatic Sea. A marked, stone paved path takes you from the church, past a hunting cabin to the most elevated point of the trail – Mt. Kopitnik (929 m) where you can often admire the paragliders in the air. Continue down the Napoleon’s path built during the period of the Illyrian Provinces. If you turn left at the crossroads of the path and the stone paved path leading to the hunting cabin, you come to the Saint Lucy’s Chapel, known for its healing energy. From here on, the path descends steeply down to the only natural lake of the Vipava Valley – the Vitovlje Lake. It is 7 m wide, 10 m long and 1 m deep. The path will now lead you back to the starting point of the trail.



Difficulty: medium
Length: 8,1 km
Duration: 3 h 30 min
Lowest point asl.: 366 m
Highest point asl.: 951 m