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Educational Trail Along the River Vipava

Along the educational trail in nature, information boards present the fauna and flora of the River Vipava from its source to the border with Italy. You can travel the trail on foot or by bike, and it makes for a great family experience.

Starting point: anywhere by the River Vipava, simply follow markings in both directions.

The hiking and cycling trail by the River Vipava, measuring some 46 kilometres, leads from the river source in the town Vipava to Miren by the Italian border. On the way you can marvel at the beauties of nature, with an educational focus on the endangered plant and animal species living in the area of the River Vipava and the protected natural habitats for which the entire Vipava Valley is part of the Natura 2000 network. Details of riverside life are presented by 10 information boards set along the nature trail. Direction markers with the logo of an otter will lead you along, and the trail is also suitable for families with children. You can walk the entire trail in two days or cycle it in a good afternoon, while choosing sections of any length according to wishes and abilities.

The trail can also be continued in Italy, as it meets an existing Italian trail leading all the way to the mouth of the River Soča.


Difficulty: medium
Length: 46 km
Ascent: 250 m
Descent: 310 m