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Two-castle trail from Rihemberk to Dornberg

The trail connects two castles in the Vipava Valley: the imposing Rihemberk Castle overlooking Branik and the no longer existing Dornberg Castle, today the site of the hamlet of Tabor.

Start: Rihemberk Castle

The trail starts right at Rihemberk Castle, with its impressive walls beckoning to be explored and visited, and its imposing castle tower beckoning to be climbed. From the castle, the trail runs uphill along the main Branik–Komen Road to the fork for Pedrovo, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in the area. Take in the magnificent view of the Vipava Valley. This small, remote village with only 20 houses, huddled around the Church of the Holy Spirit, crafted its tourist offer around sustainability and living in harmony with nature. There is a dairy farm, an organic farm, lodgings and an art gallery. Outside the village, the path first turns down into the woods and then runs over a slope overlooking vineyards and olive groves. After 2.5 hours it reaches its finish in Tabor through the southern entrance of the former castle's outer walls. In the past, Dornberg Castle, one of the mightiest 11th century castles in Slovenia, was stood here. Over the centuries, it has suffered various fates. In the early 16th century, it was an anti-Ottoman encampment. The remains of double walls remain visible to this day. You can return to the starting point by the same route.


Difficulty: easy
Length: 7,2 km
Duration: 2,5 h
Ascent: 190 m
Descent: 240 m