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Hiking trail

Educational Trail along the River Hubelj

This short hiking trail runs along the outskirts of Ajdovščina and takes you on a journey of discovering the area’s geological features, plants and animals along the Hubelj River, as well as the rocks and the aquatic ecosystem. On top of Mt Školj, you will be delighted to find an intriguing dry karst meadow. Individual points set up along the nature trail introduce the main trees and shrubs growing in this area.

Starting point: Pale Sports Park in Ajdovščina, on the large parking lot in front of the Hiša Mladih Youth Centre and Hostel.

The tour starts behind the Youth Centre and Hostel (Hiša Mladih) in Ajdovščina. First cross the bridge over the River Hubelj and pass the downhill trail. After a few paces you will reach the trail leading to the source of the Hubelj. Before long, you will notice the first information boards announcing the start of the nature trail. The 3100-metre-long circular trail takes you through a mysterious natural world, just outside the town of Ajdovščina. The 24 stations showcase the amazing diversity of the landscape: the geological underground and soil of Vipava Valley, the varied plant and animal life along Hubelj, the rocks and aquatic ecosystem, and finally the dry karst meadow of Školj. Individual points set up along the nature trail introduce the main trees and shrubs growing in this area. Benches are provided for a refreshing break amidst the sounds of nature. After about a 20-minute uphill walk on a reasonably steep path along Hubelj, you reach the source of the river. The water comes gushing out from the precipitous walls in the steep south foot of the Trnovo Forest Plateau. Hubelj is one of the most impressive tributaries of the River Vipava. The source is particularly remarkable after heavy rain. The water spouts from the numerous crevices from the karst underground down into the riverbed, forming majestic waterfalls. The view of the foaming water with droplets spraying from 249 metres asl onto the bridge 40 metres below is simply breathtaking. Stop for a break at the inn in the vicinity of the source of the Hubelj for some lovely local fare. Follow the trail markers to reach the dry karst meadow of Školj that rises as a giant table-shaped formation over the plain of Ajdovščina. The summit of Mt Školj offers a great view over Vipava Valley from Razdrto to Kucelj, and across the valley over the rolling wine-growing hills toward Karst. Return to the start in Pale Sports Park for a full circle.

Tip for advanced hikers: the source of Hubelj is a great starting point for some of the most popular trails in Vipava Valley, e.g. up to the Otlica Natural Window, to Mt Čaven, Mt Mali Golak, Mt Veliki Golak or Mt Sinji Vrh.


Difficulty: easy
Length: 3,1 km
Duration: 1 hour
Ascent: 112 m
Descent: 112 m
Lowest point asl.: 123 m
Highest point asl.: 235 m