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Skrlanka Circular Trail

This mellow hiking trail starts near the village of Skrilje and runs through a quintessential Karst landscape of unspoilt nature, leading to a carefully protected water spring, a typical feature of this place, only to loop back to the village. It runs along the foothills of the Trnovo Forest Plateau, and it’s a great starting point for climbs to Mt Mala Gora, Mt Čaven and Mt Kucelj.

Starting point: village of Skrilje next to Ajdovščina, parking lot behind the primary school.

The Skrlanka hiking trail starts in the village of Skrilje at the junction located around 150 metres west of the church where the asphalt road forks into a grassy path. The route takes you over a bridge and then turns right, heading into a forest. Through the forest, you arrive at the actual start of this circular trail. From there, follow the markers toward the village of Stomaž. Although mostly relatively flat, the trail features a few steeper sections as it traverses the varied landscape of forest, meadows and arable land. The trail ends at a looked-after spring which the locals call "Skrlanski zvirk". There is also a guest book you can sign. From here, follow the markers along a mellow path to a meadow where the trail starts descending toward the village of Skrilje. You are surrounded by varied, pristine landscape throughout. The trail is undemanding and can be hiked year-round. You can also choose to extend the outing by climbing to Mt Čaven, Mt Mala Gora or Mt Kucelj.


Difficulty: easy
Length: 3,1 km
Duration: 1,5 h
Ascent: 340 m
Descent: 340 m
Lowest point asl.: 160 m
Highest point asl.: 500 m