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The Gregorčič Trail

The Gregorčič Trail from Renče to Gradišče nad Prvačino is a themed trail that introduces one to the stories from the life of poet Simon Gregorčič, also dubbed the Nightingale of Goriška, and his work.

Start: Renče, square in front of the church

The starting point of this easy walking trail, which is conveniently marked by eight information boards, is the square in front of the Renče church. From here, the trail is bound eastwards, through the hamlet of Arčoni and Rabatovec to Gradišče nad Prvačino, where for 21 years the poet Simon Gregorčič (1844–1906) lived, ministered and penned poetry. The trail provides glimpses into Gregorčič's life and work. Situated right next to the trail, the Simon Gregorčič Garden features a bench for a nice pit stop next to the poet’s statue. Before reaching the village centre, the trail makes a small detour into a memorial park with busts of two local luminaries: Gregorčič and of portrait painter Jožef Tominc (1790–1866), who also lived in Gradišče and is buried here. After the return to the village, head on to the village centre to the parish house and church where Gregorčič held mass. The trail continues east and runs past the Monument to the Fallen Fighters, a piece created by the sculptor Negovan Nemec. Next, it continues on the main road. It ends at the eighth stop, i.e., the oak tree at Cinkovec. Return to the start along the same route.

The trail affords beautiful views of the Vipava Valley and Mt Čaven. In clear weather the sweeping view reaches all the way to the Julian Alps and Mt Krn, a favourite of Gregorčič.


Difficulty: easy
Length: 8,6 km
Duration: 2 h
Ascent: 70 m
Descent: 70 m