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Gorica Circle of Peace (Northern and Southern Trail to Mt Sabotin)

Mt Sabotin with its Peace Park is an important stop on the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic. The many vestiges and the overall heritage of World War I are sombre reminders of the importance of peace. The rich flora and fauna and the spectacular all-round views make for an especially meaningful experience.

Start: Solkan bus stop

The Gorica Circle of Peace connects the northern and southern trails to Mt Sabotin. The starting point is at the bus stop at the road bridge in Solkan. First, the trail crosses the road bridge. It starts out easy and winds northwards on the cycling trail along the Soča River, past the impressive Solkan Bridge. At Štmaver’s – a former railway guardhouse – it turns left and uphill for a steep ascent all the way to the top. The trail runs along the shady northern side of the mountain, and passes many wartime vestiges. Located atop Mt Sabotin is the Visitor Centre with a multimedia museum, info point and a shop. Book a guide to visit the Sabotin Outdoor Museum – Peace Park which includes a tour of the military caverns. Next to the Visitor Centre, in a former Italian guardhouse, there is an eatery for hikers to grab a snack or a drink.

From here, the trail continues along the ridge of Mt Sabotin, which is also the national border with Italy. At this point, the trail reaches its highest elevation of 609 m, and continues along the ridge to the ruins of the 14th century Gothic church of St Valentine. A steep descent on a mule track, a rock path and finally over a staircase will get you back to the start. In addition to the area’s rich cultural and natural heritage, the trail affords sweeping south views over both Nova Gorica and Gorizia, the Friulian Plain, and even the Adriatic Sea, whereas its north views reach to Mt Sveta Gora and the Banjšice Plateau beyond it.

There are some rather challenging sections on the trail; appropriate footwear, a torch and a helmet are required.


Difficulty: hard
Length: 3,3 km
Duration: 1 h 30 min
Ascent: 505 m
Descent: 505 m